4317 Fletcher Grove Road, Valdosta, GA 31606, US

Exciting things are happening here!

Exciting things are happening here!

Exciting things are happening here!Exciting things are happening here!Exciting things are happening here!

What to expect ...


How to reserve a spot in class:

To reserve a spot in the class, please go to the Upcoming Classes page and select a class. Use the PayPal or other payment link to pay ahead for the class. You'll be notified by Faye that you were just added to the class! 

Then, mark your calendar! I'll be contacting you, of course. :)

Purchase a canvas for class

Sometimes you can get your canvas from me. If the canvas needs a lot of prep work, I'll often prep them the day before, then you may purchase a canvas from me, or just trade with me in class. 

I'll specify that, though, so you'll know what to do. 

Bring yourself a snack and a drink and wear old clothes.

Bring yourself a snack and a drink for use during class. We don't take a break at a specific time, so having something to munch and sip on is super important. :)

We can usually get oil paint out of clothes if we treat the cloth with dawn dish soap as soon as possible. However, for best results, wear old clothing or an apron, etc. Hey, drag out an old shirt and make it  your "Patnting Shirt" !

Arrive at least 30 minutes early, to find your seat.

I don't save seats, unless a person has a disability that requires me doing so. So, in order to keep things fair, I ask that you come and find your seat early. However, if you have a group coming, I'll save the required number of seats together. 

The excitement begins!!

First of all, I'll introduce myself and give you all the "spiel". That means I lay down the ground rules about proper class etiquette, etc. 

Those rules are that you not speak while I'm instructing, and keep your phone on silent, etc. Just kinda no brainer stuff. 

Then, we begin to step by step, create our masterpieces. My canvas will be just as blank as yours to begin with. I'll demonstrate a step while you watch, and then Ill "turn you loose" to paint while I walk around and watch. 

If you need rescuing, I'll swoop in and rescue you, but I never take over your painting unless you ask me to. I will show you how to do something "air painting" or on your canvas. I am very respectful of your wishes and needs in this area. 

Sometimes you may be a bit fearful of a step, but don't be. I've been specially trained to fix "happy accidents". 

I do require you try something first, though, unless you have a physical disability of some sort. 

There'll be a time that your painting looks weird. Maybe there's a floating tree, or mountain, or the sky doesn't look just right to you. 

But we anchor mountains, we plant trees and we fix skies. So don't worry, just relax and have fun. 

You'll likely be seated next to. seasoned painter and that's a good thing! You'll see others struggling, even the seasoned, with some aspects. But then you'll see it all turn out great. 

So relax, and enjoy the ride. 

I try to end on time...

but be prepared to be a few minutes later if needed. 

I endeavor to give everyone the attention that they need, and sometimes we end early, or right on time, or a few minutes late. 

Also, Jimmy comes in and he shows paintings in the "Magic Frame" , and we take photos. 

However, if you have a function, or another reason you need to scoot early, please let me know before class, so I can make that happen for you. 

If you're reading this because you've never been to one of our classes, I hope it helped you to understand the process. I'm totally committed to helping you to have a wonderful experience and take home a masterpiece for present and future generations to enjoy!

Do you have another question that I haven't addressed? If so, please shoot me a text or an email!