Shalom in the Classroom :)

Classroom Etiquette :)

Hey, Y'all!

At the beginning of each class, I give my "spiel" , which includes a list of rules of courtesy. 

Because of some input from some of my students, 

I've decided to put it out there for us to review. 

Heeeerree we go! 

  • Don't talk when I am giving instruction, even if I pause. (I pause a lot.) :) 
  • Please keep your phone on silent or vibrate, unless you have a very sick loved one and you can't risk missing a call. (we've all been there!) If possible, take your phone call outside the classroom. 
  • Please don't advertise/sell stuff in the classroom. It just ain't cool. 
  • Please stay seated while I'm giving instruction, so that everyone can see what I'm demonstrating and not be distracted. 
  • Before helping others, be sure that they welcome your help. 
  • Don't talk while I'm giving instruction even if I pause. (I pause a lot.) Did I mention that already?? HMMM. :) 
  • Be sure to have a great time in my class. I am so glad you chose to spend your afternoon with us. 
  • Let me know what else I need to add this this list to make sure everyone has a great experience.